Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

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Conflict resolution and communication skills don’t necessarily come naturally to most people. The damage to a relationship or family through careless words or actions can be long-term, creating an unpleasant environment and destroying the family unit.

Susan ensures her clients have a comfortable environment where they can discuss their relationship challenges and deal with obstacles through effective communication and conflict resolution.

During communication and conflict resolution therapy sessions, the goal is to repair and maintain relationships, through the acquisition of communication skills and a greater understanding about the individuals and their joint goals within the relationship.

It is often evident during couples therapy and individual and family therapy that a lack of communication causes many of the problems. By learning essential skills and having an unbiased party mediating in a supportive environment, conflicts can be resolved, and damaging patterns of behavior may be identified and changed.

Through open channels of communication, bonds can be repaired and relationships strengthened in the long term.

Sessions include:
• Building communication between partners
• Resolution of conflicts from relationship and divorce
• Anger management
• Family conflict and marriage/partner conflict
• Affair Recovery
• Parenting issues
• Communication skills in a marriage
• All forms of conflict where there has been a break in communication.

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