New York State License Number 000425
National Provider Identification Number: 1124394671
Clinical Fellow, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Couples Therapy

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Susan deals with all aspects of a couple's experience, from premarital to divorce.

Family Therapy

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As a licensed marriage and family therapist, with 30 years experience, she has helped people from all walks of life.

Conflict Resolution

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Conflict resolution and communication skills don’t necessarily come naturally to most people.


“Healthy partnerships are hard work and they are worth it!”

Welcome to Susan Hartman Brenizer, M.A., LMFT

Having someone to talk to can be a life-changing event. Not only does therapy offer you a supportive environment to discuss your problems with a professional, but it allows you to identify and change behavior patterns, thoughts and emotions which may be preventing your overall happiness.

Susan Hartman Brenizer has over 30 years experience in marriage and family therapy, and she has specialized in couples therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy. She also works with the strength building of communication and conflict resolution skills.

Susan utilizes her training in psychodynamic, systems, and behavioral therapy to address a full range of issues that may be causing distress for the individual, couple, or family.

Mrs. Hartman Brenizer has extensive expertise in dealing with adults, in areas such as anxiety, depression, anger management, grief and loss, relationship distress, divorce recovery, trauma and abuse recovery, parenting issues, work and family stress.

For the past seven years Susan has been a regular Contributing Columnist for the Syracuse “Post-Standard” and on with a column entiled “Shrink Rap.” As a result of her writings, Susan has been recognized nationally on numerous occasions.

Mrs. Hartman Brenizer’s mission statement can be taken from one of her “Shrink Rap” columns: “The Desire for emotional intimacy and connection with a partner in life is wired into us for survival. it is more important than any desire for money, fame, or material goods. The quest to be one’s authentic self and to find and keep emotional intimacy trumps all else."

She was recently featured in a PBS documentary “Pain Runs Deep” addressing controlling relationships and partner verbal and physical abuse. She was also interviewed on a PBS special “Family Matters” addressing couples counseling. Several of her columns have been picked up nationally by the Mental Health Association and by “Family Therapy Magazine.” She was also featured in both PBS/WCNY and “Syracuse Woman” magazine. Previously, Susan wrote a column for five years for “Syracuse Parent,” entitled “Couples Corner.”

• Mrs. Hartman Brenizer has been pursued by National Public Radio (NPR), Chicago Public Radio, to be the expert professional for a program concerning children and families (airing January 2014).

• Article published nationally by “Family Therapy Magazine” regarding Alzheimer’s and family adjustment (August 2012).

• Graduated "With Distinction" as an Undergraduate and graduated "Top of Class" in Graduate School from Syracuse University.

• Given award for “Outstanding Contributions” as co-founder of the local chapter of CNYAMFT after six years on the executive board.